Who do you think you are?

Photo-A-Day #1781

Oliver giving me the deep stare as I take photos of him while he tries to nap.

Looks like a little of my busy is off my plate now. I won’t be guest blogging for ShutterCal any longer. It looks like the community over there wasn’t that thrilled with some upstart bloggers offering them advice. Some didn’t like it from that perspective, some because the information was too basic and some because they felt they would have been better choices. Either way I won’t be doing anything else on the ShutterCal blog, however I still love the service and am slowly posting all of my nearly five years of photos to ShutterCal.

A place where my posts are getting some good responses and traction is on Blogging Tips. I just posted my third post up there tonight. It is a pretty useful post, especially if you are using TweetMeme with Blogger.

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4 thoughts on “Who do you think you are?”

    1. Christian,
      The funny thing is that Oliver is the biggest scardey cat ever. Not Devious just concerned and ready to run at a moment’s notice.

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