Why I Love PPP….

Some people do not like PPP, but you know what, I love them. I have been writing for PPP since last October. In that time I have made a good sized chunk of change. I made enough to move one of my blogs onto its own domain as well as pay for hosting for a couple of years. I said one of my blogs, I have 4 now. I maintain 4 blogs on a daily basis. PPP has turned me into a chronic blogger and I love it. I now have this blog, www.benspark.com which is mostly about my Photo-A-Day project, the occasional contest, like my BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest… that I am working in conjunction with a company called Soda-Club, I have been talking to them about becoming a PPP advertiser. So I’m not only building relationships with other Posties but I am building relationships with advertisers as well. I am very adamant about making sure I disclose that my posts are sponsored when they are and I try first and foremost to bring my readers, a group which as grown tremendously since the onset of working with PPP I might ad, great content on a daily basis.

I am more aware of who is reading my blog, people are interacting with this blog and my three others (BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo, Flatwater Tech, and The Wired Kayaker). And not all of my blogs are about simply blog marketing, they are about topics that people enjoy like: movies, technology, and photography. And my newest pet project is a semi weekly podcast on the Wired Kayaker.

Through networking with other bloggers I was asked to moderate a forum, write a weekly column and be a beta tester for the site FuelMyBlog. I find that being honest with people up front about the blog marketing that I am doing and not cheating them on the solid content has made me a much better blogger and it is with the help and support of PayPerPost that I have been able to achieve that. I have even been corresponding with some of the PayPerPost team themselves including Ted Murphy, the CEO and founder of PayPerPost. I hope I can get out to PostieCon and meet the team, especially Ashley, we will have to do a podcast together.

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