Why So Surly, Skywarp?

Photo-A-Day #2395

It is wet and rainy and gross here. I’ll be shoveling before Halloween too. That is not right. I got home from work and spent pretty much the entire day sleeping. It was a perfect day to do it too. Rain all day long, wet and dreary, a day when you really want to pull the covers up over your head and sleep. I at least, have an excuse to do that all day long.

I did get a tiny bit of time to spend with Allison and Eva before I konked out. Eva has been playing with her new set of My Little Ponies and the Rarity Carousel Boutique. These are toys that we are reviewing together to give away during SwagsGiving 2. They are actually the first toys that will be given away. I’m involving Eva in a big way in these reviews especially because she enjoys playing with the toys so much. She’s been telling Allison all about the ones from our video yesterday. The kid cracks me up. she’s going to be all excited when we get the KRE-O set. I’m not sure which character we’ll get but it will have a KREON like Skywarp there.

We ended up with a Nor’ Easter here complete with loss of power at my place of work. Around 11:30 the power went out in our building and we were plunged into darkness for a moment. Then the emergency power came on for a little bit of lighting. The power was still not on so we had to head over to another building to finish out the night. Glad I bought a new shovel and some ice melt this morning because I am going to need it when I get home. I debated between leaving it in the garage or on the mud room porch. I left it on the mud room porch which was the wrong choice because when I get home tomorrow morning the shovel will be at the porch and not close to the car. Logistics.

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