Why you should listen to Scoble….

Back on December 23rd Robert Scoble made a prediction and posted a warning on his blog Scobleizer to vendors going to CES. He told them that some people will be at CES with a device that will mess with TV displays. He warned them to cover up the IR ports of these TVs.

Apparently this warning went unheeded as the crew from Gizmodo went around shutting off TVs all around CES. This was really a dickhead thing to do and it makes all bloggers look bad. In the world of Tech news Gizmodo can be compared to those ‘cool kids’ that you went to high school with. For them everything is something to be joked about and mocked. I used to read their blog for the latest tech information but it is so skewed with sarcasm and mockery that it isn’t worth getting the latest news from Gizmodo any longer.

I am glad I heard about their High School antics from GeekBrief.tv and am following Cali’s lead in dropping their RSS service from my feed reader. Gizmodo grow up. For a better alternative for your tech news check out Geek Brief.tv of course and OhGizmo!.

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