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Being a huge Transformers nerd I am sort of ashamed that I didn’t know this sooner. I learned that Guitar Hero World Tour has Stan Bush’s 1986 Transformers Movie Anthem The Touch as a free downloadable song. So that and talking to my friend Russ last night about what he enjoys on my blog inspired me to take another Transformers Shot.

This Transformer is an homage to Springer. Technically it is Springer but not the original one from the 80’s, this is part of the Classics line that was in a two-pack Target exclusive. The pack had Springer and Ratbat. Springer was a Triple-Changer and was introduced in the Transformers Movie in 1986. He’s a bad-ass. He’s also part of a team called The Wreckers. Right now a brand new Wreckers comic book series is out in stores and it is a great read. Just when I am cutting back on the extras some great Transformers books are coming out. I think I’m going to have to cancel everything else and just get Transformers comic books. I also collect the Angel Season 6 and Buffy Season 8 and Astonishing X-Men series.

I still haven’t read a single issue of that series and it is on issue 32 or something. I wanted to read the series as it came out because it was being written by Joss Whedon and I wanted to read his take on the X-Men but I missed an issue and then tried to find it. Eventually I just fell behind and didn’t read the books at all. So, one day soon I’m going to have a marathon reading session when I take the time to do it.

Speaking of time, I’ve been B-U-S-Y Busy lately. I’m guest posting all over the place, starting to do videos and even took some time to do an interview for my friend Chris over at Dad of Divas. Chris has a new series that he is putting out there called Dad’s in the Limelight and he is interviewing lots of dads. So please pop over and visit with Chris and leave him a comment. If you are a dad who is interested in being interviewed let Chris know.

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6 thoughts on “Wii got The Touch”

    1. Jack,
      I was disappointed as well, that is why I kept up with the comic for season 6. It has been okay but nothing replaces the actual show.

    1. Hi PG,

      I checked out your about page, you’re local too, that is great. Maybe a photo walk in the future? I also saw that you are a Sox fan. Have you heard about the SoxUp? It is this Thursday, I can’t go but wish I could. Check out bostontweetup.com for links and details on the SoxUp.

    1. Deborah,
      thanks. I am a little less busy right now as I don’t blog for Shuttercal anymore. The community wasn’t really into the whole Blogger Spotlight thing. But I’m still busy in other areas.

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