Wii is life enhancing….

The Wii is making the lives of retirement home residents more exciting. I recently read a story about a retirement home in Illinois that is making use of the interactive portions of the Wii to enhance their lives at the retirement home. Specifically they are using the Wii sports game bowling to set up virtual leagues. This is a wonderful story because here is proof that the Wii is an all inclusive product. Families are playing together, friends are playing in virtual leagues and what’s more people are becoming more active in their entertainment.

I read another story about a guy who did a 6 week Wii sports experiment. He would do his normal routine and add 30 minutes of Wii time each day. He stuck to his plan and ended up losing nine pounds from the activity. That is a pretty decent weight loss. I think that I will work on this as well; I mean any little bit helps. I’m going to find out more about his workout and then replicate it as well.

I think that a virtual Wii bowling league would also be a fun thing to start too. I already know of 5 people who are Wii players including my friend Derek who bowled a 299. I wish I saw the fallout from missed pin. I know it must have been terrible.

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