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As you saw from yesterday’s Photo-A-Day I have some new WildStorm comics. I read them last night and here is what I have to say about them. Mind you that I was a huge fan of these comics back when Image first came about in 1995-1996. I had everything from WildStorm because they had the best comics with the best story lines. Things didn’t stay that way and I fell away from collecting comics from WildStorm. However I picked up some of the new WorldStorm story line.

WildCats – I saved this book for last because it was always my favorite. I have every issue that came out and was Grifter for Halloween once back in 1996. I made the costume out of a red t-shirt and old army duster and some small soda cans wrapped in duct tape to make a bandoleers of grenades. I also had a dart gun that I painted it look like the Grifter’s guns. It was a sweet costume, If I can find a picture somewhere I’ll post it.

The issue was a great reintroducing to the team, not everyone so far but it does look like they are getting back to their roots. Some old villains have resurfaced and the Grifter is still doing his thing. If there was ever a WildCats movie in live action Josh Holloway’s character of Sawyer from Lost would be the perfect choice for The Grifter. Spartan, Voodoo, zealot, Mr. Majestic (just Majestic now) and Warblade are on the team, the only one missing right now is Maul. It was good to read this comic and get back with these characters.

Stormwatch PHD – PHD stands for Post Human Division. Battalion (aka Jackson King) is back as the leader of Stormwatch. This was the UN’s super powered team, they ran things from a platform in space and teleported to areas where they were needed. I liked this series when it first came out and loved reading about them each month. I don’t like the new gritty feel of this book, too bloody, to violent, no hope. I will probably drop this book after the 3rd issue. We shall see. Stormwatch has become many different things over the years, from the Authority to the Monarchy, back to the Authority, then to Stormwatch, then Stormforce. I can’t keep them all straight. I just remember this series as being a great read. I don’t really think so any longer.

Gen13 – This I was most disappointed in. Gen13 was fun, there was danger and whatnot but it was fun. It is no longer fun in fact it is terrible. I have issues 1 & 2 of this and the re-launch brought with it a brand new retelling of the origins of the Gen13 kids. I hate it. I liked the original story line where they were children of Team 7. Still I have some hope that this will get better. I will probably give this one a chance for another issue or two. What was really great about the original series was the characters over time. The original series had about 76 issues so you really got to know the characters. These new interpretations are not exactly something I am enjoying.

WetWorks – This series is interesting. The concept is that a group of very special military guys are sent in to take out a hostile threat. But during the battle they come into contact with a golden symbiotic liquid that bonds with them and gives them enhanced powers. Also they discover that vampires and werewolves are real and they are in a battle against each other and the humans. This made for a very interesting story and the artist Whilce Portacio was incredible, so good in fact that it took forever for issues to come out. But they did come out and the story moved along, then abruptly ended. Now WetWorks is being re-launched. The main character, Dane is still around, but now he is working with one of the vampires, a member of his old team who is a cyborg and an undead character who can sense souls. Okay sounds interesting but where is the rest of the team. There were some great characters, Dozer was the heavy artillery guy and he was huge, Grail was pure energy and then there was Jester, Claymore, and Pilgrim. I have many of the toys that were put out for that line and they are great. I have them packed away. I may stick it out for a bit for WetWorks.

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