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Since I could not get the old computer to recognize any of our external hard drives or the printer. So I took the computer and hooked it up to the TV. the TV has a VGA connection on it so that was an easy connection however I had to take my old speakers in from the Yard Sale Pile and hook them up for some sound with the computer. And today I picked up a wireless mouse and keyboard so that we could use the computer from the couch. The webcam was used for the first time tonight (that is what is on the screen, really washed out). I’m pretty excited about how it is working out so far, but I’m now torn over what to get for a new computer. Do I go XP or Vista?

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8 Responses to “Windows Media Center”

  1. Matthias Köbrich says:

    nice media center. and i also like the ‘live, laugh, love’ on top of it. i would go for vista. i think there’s always the option to disable certain features and make it look like xp again. and mostly it comes with a new computer anyway, so you don’t have to buy it separatly.

  2. The BenSpark says:

    Thanks. The new computer does have Vista and it is arriving on Tuesday. I am pretty excited as the specs are awesome!.

    The Live Laugh Love is out family motto. Allison found them and put them there, they make the room.

  3. Edward Mouret says:

    Windows Media Center is great. I use it mostly for its PVR functionality, but I do still use it sometimes to surf the web from the couch. Anyways have fun with it.

  4. The BenSpark says:

    The PVR option is great, we really enjoy it, and with a vacation coming up we will really put it to the test.

  5. navillus99 says:

    Just showing some blog love to my contacts.
    This is a great blog

  6. The BenSpark says:

    Thanks Navillus99, I appreciate you visiting my blogs. However you might not want to cut and paste the same message on every blog. It can be seen as spam. I hope you come back and visit and leave me a comment appropriate to the content of my blog posts.

  7. aslanbash says:

    Windows Media Center is great. I use it mostly for its PVR functionality, but I do still use it sometimes to surf the web from the couch

  8. The BenSpark says:

    This was working very well till the computer died.

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