Wired Kayaker at Blog World Expo 2007

So, I am going to go to blog World Expo and will most likely be attending PostieCon while I am there as well as doing a road trip with the guys from FuelMyBlog. Oh and I also have a baby on the way. The due date for the baby is October 20th. I am hoping for a bit of an early bird for selfish reasons, I want my two weeks with the baby before I head to Las Vegas. It is bad enough I’m going to be there for my 2nd anniversary. I’m going to have to hit it big when I get out there so I can make it up to her.

I think most of my plans are going to firm up in the next few weeks, I am excited and fortunate for some opportunities. There is a great contest being done by FuelMyBlog and Blog World Expo right now where they are giving away a free pass to Blog World Expo. since I am already going I am not entering. But I want to tell you how easy it is to enter. First of all you need to write a post that states “If I win fuelmyblog’s prize and win the ticket to go to BlogWorld Expo, I would like to be introduced to XXXXXXX.” There is a list of people whom you can choose from. You also need to tag or label your post with keywords fuelmyblog and blogworldexpo. Then send a message to fuelmyblog.

Join the Blog Rush.

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