Last evening I spent quite a bit of time putting together the third episode of The Wired Kayaker. During this episode I was photographed for the Sun Chronicle Newspaper article, the one that came out this past Sunday. Also during this episode I took photos of some frogs and flowers for Macro Monday for a group that I am part of on Flickr. I also reference my other 3 blogs. The BenSpark, BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo and Flat-Water Tech

This is the first episode that I have uploaded to PodShow. I am a huge fan of Cali Lewis and She is on PodShow so I decided to check it out. The uploading was so quick. And my file is about 130MB in size, that is 30 MB more than what YouTube allows. My address for Podshow is

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8 Responses to “Wired Kayaker Podcast – Episode #3”

  1. Joe says:

    Hi Drew,

    I just checked out e#3… nice job. I like the footage of the river in the beginning a lot, the flowers, frogs, etc. That type of footage and photography would be nice to integrate sometimes while you are speaking, too. Have fun in Cape Cod!

    Heading to the Bungay this evening! I am thinking about bringing my video camera and still camera just for the fun of it.

    take care,

  2. Drew says:


    Thanks for the great suggestions. I would encourage you to bring your camera and video camera with you, just be careful not to drop it in the water. 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Drew,

    Well, we conquered the fierce rapids of the Bungay last evening! Thanks for the tip about the bug spray. If you didn’t mention it, we would have probably not made it out alive. It was a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing paddle. I did take my video camera along, and took a good amount of footage. I hope to edit it in the near future and figure out how to upload it to my YouTube account. Of course, for me the near future may be 10 years or so. I have two baby sons that pretty much take up most of my time 🙂 If I get it done before 10 years is up, I will let you know so you can take a peak. Take care.

  4. Drew says:

    That is great Joe. I would love to see the footage.

  5. Learn Spanish says:

    Your podcast makes me want to buy a kayak!

  6. Drew says:

    I would encourage you to at least go and take a tour with a tour company, you will have a lot of fun.

  7. Stephen says:

    best one yet

  8. Drew says:

    Thanks Stephen.

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