Wired, Older, Generation

I have a few older members of my family and friends who are now starting to embrace technology. And the growing pains just keep coming. I’m sorry but many of these people are still sitting there with 12:00 flashing on their VCR and want advice and instruction on very advanced technological things. I have been using a computer since I was 10 years old so I get picked to help out all the time. And on top of that we are not talking the same language. I guess my frustration is that I am thinking about and talking about something that I have grown up with my whole life and have embraced early on. However someone who is new to the technology did not spend the years with limited technology and slowly gain the knowledge that I now possess.

It reminds me of Jurassic park, the book where the scientists stood on the backs of giants (scientists before them) and just took the knowledge to the next level without ever gaining that knowledge in the first place. It is something that can be applied to all endeavors, for instance I know how to hammer nails, but I am not going to be able to build an entire house without the knowledge and years of experience.

And that is why I have to constantly clean out 5000 copies of the same image on a someone’s computer. Kind of a warped up rant but I am frustrated today.

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