Photo-A-Day #2562

Andrew’s been really loving his mommy lately. He’s been fussy and only mommy will do. Also, do you like Allison’s new haircut, I think it looks great.

I had the kids last night while Allison went to an event to sell some Barefoot Books. For the most part Andrew did well but he wouldn’t sleep for me so I put him in the Boppy, tried to give him his bottle but he wasn’t having it.

So I turned on the TV and watched Thundercats and gave him his pacifier and his oball. He fell asleep clutching his oball within moments.

Today Eva and I spent part of the morning Leveling up some Skylanders. We have 31 of them now and I’m trying to get them all fully upgraded by doing Heroic Challenges and things like that. There is one challenge called “You Break It, You Buy It”. It is the hardest challenge out there. You have to get rid of 30 trolls and avoid destroying paintings and vases. If you destroy a vase you lose 5 seconds. This is a three minute challenge and once you start breaking vases yo are toast. There are a few Skylanders characters that cannot do this challenge. They just can’t. The way they destroy bad guys just takes out so many things at the same time. There is no way to be precise with those characters, or at least I have not figured out how to do it. I’ve done this challenge so many times with so many characters that I know it so well but it is so frustrating. I’m also trying to get 3 stars on every level so that when we get the last three characters we can finish the game 100%. I so love this game and can’t wait to try Skylanders: Giants.

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One Response to “With Her Little Man”

  1. Mo says:

    I Love this photo!! LOVE!! I have to say that looking at pictures of Andrew now is like a flashback to when Eva was so wee! I’m looking forward to seeing you all!! Have a fabulous trip!

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