With his Grandfather

Photo-A-Day #3029

Today we were on the Cape and enjoyed a fun day on the beach. Eva and Andrew loved the water and playing in the sand. We were making sand castles and playing with the T-Rex Skid Loader, Wrecker. Eva had a great time smashing the sand castles that I built and then Andrew had even more fun with the sand castles while I tried to keep him away from all of them. He loves it when you try to prevent him from smashing towers or sand castles and more. He gets a huge kick out of it.

Family photo on the beach

My Dad snapped this photo of us having fun in the water.

We had a delicious dinner with the family and then my parents took Andrew for a walk which got him to sleep. But, before that Andrew and my Dad were hanging out on the porch watching the cars and boats and waving to all of the people walking by. I snapped today’s photo a day as I watched them together.

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