It is very sad when a DVD set can be called a complete series and it fits in one box. This is the case with another Fox casualty called Wonderfalls. In Wonderfalls a young woman begins to here the voices of the souvenirs that she sells in a shop located next to Niagara Falls. The concept is a but weird but think of it as My Name is Earl but with a snarky edge. Fate or Karma keeps stepping in but rather than realizing it right away like Earl does our main character Jaye tries to avoid the talking knick-knacks. But usually when she ends up doing what they say things go well. There are only 13 episodes which include 9 that never aired. Nine episodes never made it on TV. Fox you really messed up on this one. This could have been a fantastic show if given the chance. And the DVD set is great because i does have all the episodes and we can see some fun character development happening.

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