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LEGO Dimensions
Photo-A-Day #4412

Some nights you just don’t get to the things that you need to do for yourself, like make a decent daily video. Tonight I went to Brian’s to film, Built from Bricks. We got one show filmed, a City Update which has already been published and can be found at An Unexpected Update. That filming went pretty well. Brian did a silly thing at the beginning and I enhanced it a bit. Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

The part that didn’t go as well was my suggestion to record ourselves playing LEGO Dimensions with the new Goonies Level pack and a whole bunch of 80’s characters. I gave Brian my Elgato HD recorder so that we could do these types of shows. The problem is that the video recorded to my laptop but there it begins to lose seconds and the sound is completely whacked. Then, towards the end of the video it starts to get really choppy. So we had a camera on us talking while playing and then we had the Elgato recording our gameplay. I’ve run into this issue before and it usually happens with longer videos. We recorded nearly a half an hour of the gameplay but only 15 minutes of ourselves. I was unable to synch it right at all. If we do it again we need a faster computer to help us. But for now you can watch today’s video and also the Built from Bricks City Update 15.

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