XShot Contest 2: Creative Photographs from You!

Welcome to September. And welcome to a brand new contest from The BenSpark and XShot!

September’s contest is sponsored by the makers of one of my favorite gadgets that lives in my camera bag. It is the XShot. Michael from XShot liked the contest from July so much that he wants to do it again. This time however, he is offering prizes for owners of the XShot. That means that if you already have an XShot you are all set but if you don’t that is okay. You can get an XShot through my special promo code of SPARK0907. The promo code gets you an XShot for $19.95 ($5.00 off the retail price).

Once you have your XShot I want you to get as creative as possible and submit photos that you have taken with the XShot. Are they with big groups of people, celebrities, or is it simply the first time you have been able to get out from behind the camera by yourself or with a friend. We are looking for creative photos using the XShot that you couldn’t take just by extending your arm or using an ordinary tripod or anything else, save a personal photographer.

With the XShot you are your own personal photographer!

Here are some photos that were taken with an XShot.

Prime Statue - XShot

Photo-A-Day #803 06/20/07

To enter the contest, you must submit your contest photo and also submit a photo of yourself holding your XShot. Photos can be submitted to me at abennett96 <@> gmail com. Or you can leave a link to your photo in the comments section. You can submit as many as you would like and I will have them added to a special Flickr Gallery so you can see them all.

The most creative shot as determined by a panel of judges will win you $100.00. The second best photo is worth $75.00 and the third place photo is worth $50.00. Submit as many photos as you would like. Photos can be submitted starting September 1st through September 30th. Judging will take place and winners will be announced on Wednesday Friday October 5th. Judges will be representatives from The BenSpark (Me) as well as XShot.

Haven’t heard of the XShot? Check out these happy owners:

Raesmom – 1st place winner of the Win an XShot from BenSpark contest
Marsha – 2nd place winner of the Win an XShot from BenSpark contest
Amanda – 3rd Place winner of the Win an XShot from BenSpark contest

And my friend Christine bought and XShot using a promo code and got her own XShot. She posted a great blog post about called Is YOUR arm 37 inches long?

And also take a look at this video and coverage of the XShot on ABC.

Michael sent me a link to a very creative use of the XShot. Now that is awesome. I bet you can send me an awesome XShot Photo too. What are you waiting for, there is cash up for grabs!

All photos submitted for the contest may be used on the BenSpark.com website or the XShot website.

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