Photo-A-Day #2417

Now that is a LEGO pirate. I’m not sure if this minifig is from the Pirates of the Caribbean line or part of the sealed packages of minifigs that you can buy individually. Either way I like him. He’s got a peg leg and a real minifig leg, that is a fun detail. I found this on a desk at work. The desk that I usually go to for inspiration is no longer there. The person is gone and with him all of his fun toys.

I chose a LEGO photo today because tomorrow is the last day that you can enter my SwagsGiving giveaway for the LEGO Master Builder Academy set.

I’m at work so yes, the baby has not arrived yet. Baby Watch 2011 continues.

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3 Responses to “Yarr!”

  1. Mo says:

    It’s a minifig Pirate Captain…sold separately. I’m a nerd and googled:)

    Hope work is fleeting this evening! I also hope all is well in Baby Watch Land!!!

    • Drew says:


      Thanks for the investigative measures. I would love to get some of these minifigs but I can’t see paying $3 for one. Just too much.

  2. Brett says:

    loved the lego photo, it`s a minfig pirate captain and you can buy him seperately

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