YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge – Day 2 – Moon

Photo-A-Day #2734

Both Eva and Andrew have these animals that are nightlights of the night sky. Eva has a ladybug and Andrew has a turtle, the Twilight turtle. For today’s YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge the theme was moon. Well, it has been raining here pretty good and I am not seeing the moon today I decided to go another way and photograph the little moon that is part of the Twilight Turtle. I was trying to get a cool lighting effect as well but it just kept coming out as a blob of light instead of cool streaks. I’ll have to work on that.

Quiet day around here. I started off with 100 minutes on the TrekDesk Treadmill desk and was able to watch the BBC show Copper from this past Sunday. The rest of the day was running Eva to school and catching up on some things on the DVR while wrangling Andrew. He’s into EVERYTHING now. He’s mobile (crawling like crazy and standing holding onto things.) and is very fast. I also continued to level up the remaining Skylanders figures so that they are all Level 10 and fully upgraded when Skylanders Giants arrives. Can’t wait for that game.

Tonight I completed the game to 100%. You can go through the whole game and win but you have to do EVERYTHING in order to get 100%. I’ve now done that! Bring on the Giants!

Here is the link to the YesVideo post that shows all the daily themes for October. YesVideo’s October Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram

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