You can be Green and Wired…

Being on the water and close to nature it makes sense to me that I should do what I can to help preserve those resources. If not for my own personal enjoyment then for the enjoyment of my daughter. Going Green is the buzzword these days but to be honest my family has been going green for years. It started with can collecting, we would collect cans each summer on the beach and be able to pay for our vacation to Florida. We have a compost pile and my sister raises composting worms.

If you are looking for ways to go green you can take a look at a site I found called There they have eco friendly products for purchase and much more. I explored the site for a while and many of the products are very interesting (I really want the hydrogen race car). I looked through the baby products because we just had our first child. They have a diaper bag that is made from truck and tractor tire inner tubes. It is a stylish and functional black bag for both moms and dads.

GreenandMore is much more than an online store. At GreenandMore you can educate yourself about going green. They have a company blog called with information about environmentally helpful tips. There is a section titled Learn where you can learn about so many different topics. The list is very long and points to many helpful articles to educate you on air quality, recycling and global warming.

The company also lives their mission and employs green practices at their company. There is no use of plasticware, the office supplies are recycled and they use 100% recycled boxes.

Don’t forget their Special Offer. You can Get 10% off your entire order with coupon code: GREEN10 (Expires 12/31/07)

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