You can’t waste a convertible.

For this trip out in Fresno I had a 2005 Mustang Convertible. And one cannot waste a convertible when one has the opportunity to use one. So this morning when I headed out to the site for the demo I put the top down and drove out through the farm country. I got to see where alot of our strawberries and almonds are grown and picked. It was a 40 mile straight shot across a valley, as far as I could see were farms and then beyond that were whitecapped mountains. Cruising with the top down is just so much fun. The mustang cruises along so well. It is a sweet machine. I now have a sunburn on the left side of my head, but man the ride was worth it.

I finished the Dirk Pitt novel today Valhalla Rising and I just reserved Trojan Odyssey from the library online. I love the library online. They are now doing e-books via the library so I am in heaven about that one. And the e-book is like a regular book except you don’t bring it back, after 14 days it automatically stops working and the book is once again available for other users. It is a pretty cool concept.

As far as the book went it was awesome. One of my favorite Dirk Pitt novels ever. So much action and so many cool ‘historical’ findings. I just love the way Cussler’s mind weaves fantastic tales that take history, fiction, and fact and blends them together. Just amazing. Unfortunately I did not have Trojan Odyssey with me so I will have to dig into my e-books on my ipaq to read tomorrow on the flight home. I hope I get a seat with a power outlet or I’m going to be out of luck.

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