You Have a Deep Interest in All That is Artistic

You Have a Deep Interest in All That is Artistic

As far as art goes I’m of the mindset that I like what I like and I know it when I see it. There are many things that I enjoy from comedy to tragedy and all that fits between. There are things that I severely dislike such as Rap and Horror. I find neither of them artistic in any way.

My Artistic Side

I try and give my artistic side some time to play around each day. That is why I created a blog in the 1st place. I wanted to still remain creative with graphic design because I was in a job that lacked any creativity. From there I got more into photography and spend each day taking various photos of things all around me.

What I appreciate

I appreciate a great landscape or macro photo. I’ve really begun to appreciate the art of the portrait. I need to learn to take better portraits too. I also appreciate music, many different kinds of music and today I signed up for a music centered social network called Kerchoonz I can find new music and musicians and share them with my friends. Very cool.

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