You Have A Friendly Heart And Are Well Admired II

You Have A Friendly Heart And Are Well Admired

You Have A Friendly Heart And Are Well Admired

I got this fortune once before but because I can’t figure out how to prevent duplicate fortunes I ended up with this one again. But overall this isn’t a bad one to get.

I do try very hard to be an approachable person and I put that out there on my blogs and in real life too. I’m one to volunteer to help others especially with my computer knowledge. This past week I was working on some last minute details on my next event, Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II with Christian. I had some posters to put up around and ended up going to this new Artist’s Co-Op and while I was there one of the artists was working on her website. She was having trouble getting it to publish correctly. I offered a few quick fixes but those didn’t work. Eventually I ended up in the driver’s seat and found the problem, fixed it and did it before they closed up for the night. And I had just met all these folks. It was just something I did. I didn’t want her to have to go to the online help desk either.

Is that going above and beyond, not really, just knew I could make the fix so I went for it and did it. Made a nice new contact and helped someone out. Are you taking your time to help those with your talents?

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