You Have an Ability to Sense and Know Higher Truth

You Have an Ability to Sense and Know Higher Truth

Today’s FortunateBluFrog Fortune is an interesting one. I guess this means that I can see what is most important and weed out the garbage.

In blogging it is important to separate yourself from the pack, to know what is best for you. There are so many things out there coming at you all the time, it is hard sometimes to know what is real and worthwhile. Separating yourself means being true to your own voice. Again not being one of the sheep that follow ever make money blogger out there who is spouting out and regurgitating others before them. Find your own voice, be true to it and you will succeed, people will follow what is true they know when things are garbage.

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One Response to “You Have an Ability to Sense and Know Higher Truth”

  1. Jason says:

    Please use this post. I meant to write I like to be original, even if it means sparse traffic.

    Great post! I usually write in a tone that is consistent with your post. Whereas, my writing blog is not all that popular, I find the posts to be useful.

    However, I write honest articles on my domain blog. I have a few dozen people who appreciate the writing. I looked up the quote to find truth to the meaning. I like to be original, even if it means I will score little traffic in result of my writing voice.

    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing your personal view on the higher truth reference. Good luck.

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