You Knew it Was Coming
Photo-A-Day #1589

Eva gets her 1st real camera. No, not the one in the photo but one that Allison won at IZEAFest last year. We decided to give that to Eva because she always wants to use our cameras. This way she can get her own camera lens covered in thumbprints.

Hey Buddy Gimmie that Camera

I came home from work today and Allison, Eva and Uncle Mike were sitting on the lawn. The were waiting to see the girls in the “pretty dresses”. That is because we live across from the church and see weddings all the time. While we were there I decided to take some photos of the tiger lilies and Eva insisted that she use my camera. So I let her use it for a little while. She took a number of photos of my feet.

Macro Bumblebee

When we went inside we decided to give Eva the camera that Allison won at IZEAFest 2008. Allison already had a Canon 600is.

We’ll let Eva take the camera with her to my company picnic on Sunday. I’ll post what she comes up with.

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4 Responses to “You Knew it Was Coming”

  1. We bought Danni a camera, it was a Dinsey Princess one and she loves it. She takes it every where and gets mad when the picture didn’t turn out the way she liked. Since I am new which one did you win at Izeafest last year
    .-= Look at what Buck “Daddy” Rogers wrote blog ..Memphis in May to honor Tunisia in 2010 =-.

  2. Drew says:

    Allison won a Samsung one last year at IZEAFest. It was a door prize I think. Eva has a tiny princess one that she got from Dina and Vanessa at Market Leverage but the batteries always die before the photos are moved to the computer.

  3. Baba says:

    Of Course! Start them young and she’ll be a wiz by the time she grows up. Love the tiger lily photo!
    .-= Look at what Baba wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

  4. Drew says:

    I figure if she shows interest then let her try it out.

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