You’re Fired

You're Fired
Photo-A-Day #1273

Eva in the computer chair doing her best Trump impression (she has better hair.) In her Trump mode she should be firing me as blogger for The BenSpark. I did some work on my blogs today. Some things didn’t go so well.

I decided to upgrade my hosting on GoDaddy. I was already paying for Economy hosting so the cheapest route for me was to go Deluxe. I was able to then set up hosting for Allison’s blog Sparky’s View, I was also able to change Google is Not God. I screwed up The Wired Kayaker and need to talk with someone at GoDaddy because of the mistakes I made when attempting to get that blog hosted. I also have to get Read To Me, Dad set up back in my hands. Lots of work ahead but that is what I need to do to get on the right track to becoming a better blogger. I also registered a new domain today. I got an idea for a new blog while at IZEAFest and I think this one is going to be very fun and informative. Check back as I work on it and plan to unveil it at a later date.

Yesterday I received an Edge Tech Corp 7″ Photo Frame. I’ll be setting that up at work and making a video of how well it works soon. And next month I’m holding a contest to give one away. I’m announcing that early and putting up a link to Edge Tech Corp on all of my blogs to keep people excited about the upcoming contest.

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