You're Leaving Us?
Photo-A-Day #1496

We’re heading to Florida tomorrow. I think Oliver and Duncan might not be too happy with us for that.

I’m not sure how much connectivity I’m going to have while on vacation. I’ll be using Utterli to update remotely. Those updates go directly to Google Is Not God. I’ll still be taking my daily photos, I just might have to upload them when I get home.

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8 Responses to “You’re Leaving Us?”

  1. Karen says:

    Have a great time! Your previous post almost made me cry. I can just see you watching Mary P.

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  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Karen,
    We enjoyed watching that very much. We are really excited about getting to take her there.

  3. Mo says:

    Did you tell them you are going to see the Mice? Don’t…they’ll never forgive you!!

  4. Drew says:

    You are right if I tell them that then we will be in big trouble.

  5. stephen says:

    I have had occasion to correspond with the airlines multiple times (we don’t exactly see eye to eye), however one of the things I have learned is that while I would have to pay to fly I believe cats can fly for free.

    I think you should just take them to Florida come on you don’t want to split up the family.

  6. Baba says:

    Have a fantastic time! Enjoy and relax a bit!

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  7. Drew says:

    We’ll have to just bring em something from the park.

    The airlines did right by me.

  8. Drew says:

    We’re enjoying the trip so far. It was a long day of travel but Eva did really well.