Host Your Own Trolls World Tour Premiere Party

Things are certainly different now in quarantine. Movies getting pushed out and movies getting released online. The first movie to be released online on the day when it was supposed to be released in the theaters is Tolls World Tour. You can watch this movie this Friday and I have a bunch of fun Trolls activities for you to do while you watch or after or before. So many fun things to do. Read on!

First is the Trolls World Tour activity pack. You can click the image below and download the pack to print at your house. It has so many fun ideas to make the Trolls World Tour so much fun for you and your family. We’ll be renting is just like everyone else.

Trolls World Tour Party Pack

There is also a live Twitter Watch Party happening to celebrate the release, this Friday, April 10 at 10AM PT | 1 ET, join us for a Twitter Watch Party hosted by Director Walt Dohrn & The McElroy Brothers! Visit to watch and Tweet along using #TrollsWatchParty.Trolls World Tour Party Ideas Continue reading Host Your Own Trolls World Tour Premiere Party

LEGO Dimensions Rediscovered

LEGO Dimensions Rediscovered

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00463

In 2012-2016 Toys to Life games were huge. There were Skylanders, Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions. I recently decided that these toys from those series were simply taking up space around here so I pulled them off the shelf and started using them again in my video lifestreams. I am starting with LEGO Dimensions and going to play through the game over the course of the next several weeks during my LEGO Lunchtime Livestreams.

Twice a week will be building LEGO and twice a week will be playing LEGO Dimensions. I am learning that my toys from the series aren’t all working properly. So far three of the characters do not get recognized by the Toypad. Those are Gizmo, Stripe and Home J. Simpson. I haven’t tried all of them yet, I’m in the middle of downloading all the updates I need on the XBox. Maybe they will start working again, I am not sure. But we’ll see. I would hate to not be able to do the Gremlins world because I have no character to unlock it. I can still play the Simpson’s world because I have a working Bart Simpson, just not a Homer. So far I think people are enjoying the stream. Here’s wat one looks like.

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