100% off at Chipotle

100% off at Chipotle
Photo-A-Day #1560

A brand new Chipotle just opened and today they were giving away free burritos to everyone who came through the door. Allison, Eva and I went with our friends Michelle and her two little ones Nate and Audrey. I am very, very impressed by the precision hard work the Chipotle team did tonight. The line moved really quickly and people were in great spirits. I thought it would be tedious but it wasn’t. The only thing I don’t like about Chipotle and this is the protective parent in me, is the rivets in the walls stick out. Eva was playing and horsing around with Nate, he’s 4 and she adores him. She does everything he does and managed somehow to slide down the wall right where the rivets were. Luckily it didn’t break the skin but she does have a scratch. That is my only complaint. The food was very tasty.

After dinner we went over to ColdStone Creamery. Before we went in though we saw an Omaha Steak store. I had never been in the store before and I wanted to look around, well $108.00 later we walked out with two large bags of various frozen meats. I can’t wait to grill up some of the Franks on the grill this weekend and the burgers too. Dad, we have dinner for tomorrow night at least!

Coldstone was the usual deliciousness. I got sweet cream and chocolate with white choclate chips and Oreo. Allison got Founder’s Favorite. We sat by the pond and the three of us enjoyed the ice creams.

I am going to have a major annoucement tomorrow regarding IZEAFest, even bigger than the Kickoff Party at Busch Gardens on October 1st. Check out details on the post below!

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6 thoughts on “100% off at Chipotle”

  1. Drew,

    Omaha steaks are just plain awesome. I would highly recommend the bacon wrapped filet. I know you are one of those medium well guys. I still don’t even know what that is but pretty much anyway you cook omaha steaks they come out awesome.

    The next step in the meat progression is grass feed bison.

  2. Stephen,

    You reminded me of my early early trips back in 2005 to the Smokey Hill Bison Company – https://benspark.com/buffalo-downpours-and-demos.html You could actually buy a Bison and pay for it to be raised and if it was a male you could get it slaughtered for the meat or if it was a female you could raise it and breed it too. I’m not sure if they are feed grass but the Smokoey Hill Bison Company has a really nice visitor’s center.

  3. Ashley,
    Thanks very much. We tend to agree with “the cutest kid ever!” 🙂 She was so funny, right after that shot she did her Ted Murphy Face.

  4. Melinda,
    Not strange at all, I’ve traveled to all by 6 of the states in the USA and we are continuing to see strip malls owned by conglomerates pop up over and over. Also certain places compliment each other and are sold together as franchises. I forget what they call it but it is making everything the same all over the place. It really sucks for small towns and their character though.

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