Self Portraits in BenSpark’s PhotoBooth

Self Portraits in BenSpark's PhotoBooth
Photo-A-Day #1400

Today was a very cool day because I’m making some really great connections. First off there are all the great people from IZEA who are very excited about my recent post about the 10 best reasons to attend IZEAFest 2009. In the conversation in the comments Carri from IZEA got a great idea of doing a photo-a-day countdown. We talked about those construction paper countdown rings. Carri made it more Web 2.0 and decided to make an IZEAFest 2009 daily photo countdown. How cool.

I decided today to go and put myself in BenSpark’s PhotoBooth. What is BenSpark’s PhotoBooth? BenSpark’s Photobooth is something that I am going to do with my Xshot as often as I can. So if you see me at a conference then you have to step inside BenSpark’s PhotoBooth, it might be very beneficial for you. Oh man I am so excited for IZEAFest 2009.

I also rearranged my sidebars to include my full BenSpark’s PhotoBooth photoshoot on the left sidebar. Let me know what you think about how things look. I did notice that now that the tag cloud has been added I see that I have a bunch of posts that are set as uncategorized. I need to go through all my old posts and update them so that they are in proper categories and I’m trying to narrow them down to between 10 and 20 categories to make searching much easier. With over 3200 posts cleaning everything up is going to take some time. Lots of time but having everything cleaned up with an excerpt for all of them plus tags, proper categories and info in the All in One SEO Pack. I’ve been making sure to use that in every new post now. A great plug-in certainly a must have.

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8 thoughts on “Self Portraits in BenSpark’s PhotoBooth”

  1. Chica,
    I actually pictured myself with a portable shower a la Daniel-san in The Karate Kid. Step into my booth. The green background does come in handy.

  2. When I scroll down your photo booth pics seem to be moving in a flip-book type manner. It’s actually pretty cool. Have you thought of compiling them together into some sort of slideshow? I bet it would be funny!
    And the green background looks fabulous!!

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