Father Daughter Dance 2017

Eva for the Father Daughter Dance
Photo-A-Day #4351

Tonight was the annual Father Daughter Dance. It was a bit early this year and was at a new venue. The event has gotten bigger each year and we have outgrown our previous venue. True to form, Eva hid her dress from me and forbade me to go in her closet for at least a week prior to the dance. To be honest, I don’t go in her closet for fear of getting swallowed up by the clothes monster that lives there and tossed things all around, that has to be the only explanation for what happens in that closet. Andrew knew about the dress and he told me the color. I usually get the color at least so that I can get flowers that match.

This year, at least, things were a bit hectic when we were leaving. I accidentally forgot that wristlet. Luckily, Eva wasn’t as upset about not having that wrist corsage as I was. I was upset with myself because I know that she would have loved to wear her flowers at the event. She assured me that she’d have worn it for the photo and then probably taken it off for all the dancing. She did like it very much when we got home and she was able to see them.

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