Legend of Zelda #BreathOfTheWild – Get 24 amiibo for the price of ONE!!!!

Animal Crossing amiibo
Photo-A-Day #4356

The other day I went in search of some more Legend of Zelda #BreathOfTheWild amiibo characters. When you use Legend of Zelda characters you can get better items when they drop each day. A treasure chest drops and it is very useful.

But you can use any of your other amiibo characters to get item drops with between 3 and 6 items. That means that you can even use the Animal Crossing amiibo cards. I found them at Toys R Us at 2 for $10 on a Thursday which is 10% off day for TRU credit card holders and I had a $5 coupon so I got 24 amiibo for $15.94 that is $0.05 less (before tax) than any of the Breath of the Wild amiibo (except the Guardian) that are out there right now!