Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017

Our Little Leprechaun
Photo-A-Day #4357

Today was a really enjoyable Saint Patrick’s Day. It started with the kids getting up to find the Leprechaun came to the house and left a few things in disarray. They were delighted to see the shenanigans that the little imp got up to.

The delight continued when I dropped Andrew off at school. Apparently, the leprechaun messed up a bunch of things in his classroom. The kids were all excited when they went into the room going from place to place looking at the chaos.

When I picked up Andrew he had on a Leprechaun hat and beard. He was all excited and had to show me what he did during class. He was asked what he would do with a pot of gold. Andrew would buy a barn full of animals. He did a really nice job drawing a cow, a pot of gold, a pig and some chickens.

We came home and had lunch. The kids went off to their physicals and I rested.

Well, I didn’t exactly rest. I played some Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. This is a great game and I finally solved a difficult puzzle. I’d been working on it for a couple of days and finally got it done. Finding solutions to these puzzles is really fun. I love puzzles and figuring things out. This is a big challenge to play through this game and complete it. I love figuring it out and finding new places.

We had traditional boiled dinner and Irish soda bread for dinner. I enjoy this meal so much but only have it once every year. We have plenty left over for corned beef hash, which is another favorite of mine.