Will LEGO Dimensions Be Cancelled? What Do You Think?

Will LEGO Dimensions Be Cancelled?
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I recently saw a wave of videos that came out talking about the possibility/rumor of LEGO Dimensions being cancelled. I cannot confirm if it actually will be cancelled but the news is all over the place on this topic.

Here was the blog post that set things off – http://www.brickstolife.com/the-quiet-cancellation-of-lego-dimensions/

I watched a few videos from people to learn about this and I am still not at all sure what is going to happen.

Here are a few of the videos and their titles.

LEGO DIMENSIONS is NOT Cancelled? – Blitzwinger

LEGO Dimensions Cancelled!!! + BIG Building Contest with BIG PRIZES | LEGO News – BrickVault

lego dimensions is not cancelled – The Orange Diamond

LEGO Dimensions NOT Cancelled?! Future of LEGO Dimensions! Waves 9 & 10? Year 3? My Thoughts! – TheHiddenBlade01

So what is happening? We don’t know but there are a bunch of rumors and speculation happening right now.