Space is His Place

Space is his place
Photo-A-Day #4371

Today was Space Day at Andrew’s school. This is one of the most fun days for the kids when they are in the Pre-K class. They have over a week of learning about Space. The school goes all out for this day. The walls are covered with the kids’ artwork including constellations, planets and more. There are even little constellations that were made with toilet paper tubes. Then there are space themed games and astronaut foods. Andrew enjoyed the food very much. He couldn’t get enough of the Astronaut Ice Cream.

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Unboxing the Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Weapon X Crate

Marvel Gear and Goods Weapon X Crate

Each month I receive and review the Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Crate to review, use and promote. I am also an affiliate of Loot Crate and you can receive a discount when using my discount code of BENSPARK. Please use my link when ordering.

The Marvel Gear + Goods crate has been an exciting crate to receive each month. The themes are fun and the gear has been great. I like the items that I received in the last crate very much. The plates with Marvel’s top science minds has been a staple in our home since we opened the crate. Now with this new crate I am looking forward to using the canvas water bottle, head lamp and the Wolverine key holder. The go-bag looks like it will be useful to take things with me as well.

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