Crazy Cousin Time

Cuddly Cousins
Photo-A-Day #4676

I went over to my parents’ house to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which was the other day. My sister, Shelby, came down with the kids for a visit. Andrew enjoyed getting some time to play with is cousins. He loves them so much. He loves getting time to play with those kiddos.

After our visit we went to KC’s Classic Burger Bar to enjoy a nice meal. Allison and Andrew went over first and I arrived with Eva later. Eva just started a new round of her theater class today and she was so excited. I’ glad that she felt better today and was able to go to school and didn’t have to miss out on her first class. When I picked her up she was so excited about everything. She was giddy and bouncing all over the car as we drove to KC’s. Dinner was delicious.

We got home and were met by our neighbor, Tim. He helped me for a while yesterday with my snowblower and the stuck shearing pin. There was nothing that I could do to take the pin out. So, he brought over is drill and drilled out the whole pin so we could put the new one in. Now, the only thing I need to do is fix the pull start that I broke last year.

I’m Here in the Snow With Major Case of FOMO

digging out
Photo-A-Day #4675

It snowed last night and it was a bit of a surprise to me this morning. There were a couple of inches on the ground but school had not been cancelled. With the way school gets cancelled these days I was surprised. When I was a kid school hardly ever closed. there used to be this rumor in high school that if one of the more elderly nuns could walk to one of the buildings without incident then school would be open. It was a silly rumor but made us laugh as we went to school in 4 to 6 inches of snow or more.

Eva was home sick from school but Allison and Andrew went in. I took care of Eva and got her settled and then went out to tackle the driveways, sidewalks and back yard. I fired up the snowblower and then took one pass down the sidewalk. I noticed that one side of the snowblower looked like it was just pushing the snow and the exhaust pipe that fired off the snow was a bit weak. Well, I guess two of the shearing pins had done as they were aptly named and sheared off. I then went about trying to get the broken pins out, I was able to dislodge one of them and I replaced the pin but the other one was stuck in so tight that I was unable to get it out at all. Even my more mechanically inclined neighbor was unable to do anything.

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