Saved Lunch Notes

Lunch Notes
Photo-A-Day #4686

This year I have been writing lunch notes for both of the kids. Andrew started me doing this when he was in Pre-K. He said that other kids get notes in their lunches and wanted to know why he didn’t. So, I started with some notes on post its with little sayings and things like that. This year I write notes for both Andrew and Eva. I should get them ready for the entire week on one day but I tend to do them the night before right before I head to bed. It does give me a moment to think about the kids and their day ahead as one of the last things I think about each day and I like that.

Eva and Andrew both are now saving their notes and have started putting them on one of the boards in the house. It is starting to overflow. I’ve also been putting stickers on them and moved from Post-Its to index cards. This gives me more room to write and the pens I have are rather thick so if I write small they tend to be harder for Andrew to read. I’ve been scolded by him for that before.

It is nice to see that the kids are enjoying their notes. I look forward to the ones I will write this week for Valentine’s day and the last day of school before our Disney trip!