Built from Bricks and Brick Island 2.0

Built from Bricks 2.0
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00010

For the past two years I have been working with my buddy Briant from Built from Bricks on a LEGO themed YouTube channel called Built from Bricks. We have done a show almost weekly. We’ve done all sorts of things in that time and now we are embarking on a new adventure. Brian has built a table for this LEGO city, Brick Island and we are going to begin filming a series of Brick Island 2.0 videos. In these videos we will take about all aspects of building and maintaining a LEGO city. We’ve begun already and I hope that people will follow us for the coming year. We want to get to 5000 subscribers by 2020. I think that is a doable goal since we have such an interesting and high quality show.

The Built from Brick’s Goal is very much like my Photo A Day Goal. But it will take 15 years for me to reach mine of 5000 consecutive photos. That’s how time works. I hope that it does not take that long for us to attract 5,000 subscribers.

Cute and Squeezable – The Squeezamals Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze Game

The Kids with Squeezamals Freeze N Squeeze Game

The kids love the Squeezamals. They are the cutest little ball shaped animals that are so squishy and squeezable. Well, now they have a new game that uses Squeezamals called Squeezamals Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze Game. We received a copy a few weeks back to try out and play with. You can pick the the game at Target. They have this very cute exclusive Rainbow unicorn figure in the game. For some reason ours is simply pink and not furry and rainbow like the exclusive Target one. You can see that and all the pieces of the game below.


The object of the game is to not be the one who has to pay for the banana split sundae. How do you avoid this? You can’t end up with the Squeezamals character when the player making the sundae calls time. We played this as a family and it was quite fun. I learned that Eva likes to whip the Squeezamals character at you at 100 mph when you are 1 foot away. Being the person with the spinner who is making the sundae can be never-wracking as everyone is trying to throw this cute character around you as you scramble to get the right pieces together. There were a lot of laughs while we played the game, though. It was pretty fun to play. Here is the offical word on the game.

Squeezamals Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze Game is an entertaining twist on the classic game of hot potato. Players take turns making a yummy treat for their Squeezamal to enjoy. The player caught holding the plush when it’s time to eat must pay for the treat! Each game features an exclusive Squeezamal! Colors and styles may vary.

Interesting Gameplay Features
• Fun game based on classic hot potato
• Features an exclusive Squeezamal found only in the game–colors and styles may vary
• The perfect kids’ party game–the more players, the more fun!
• Designed for kids ages 6 and up

Game Contents
• 1 Squeezamal
• 1 Spinner
• 24 Coins
• 5 Banana Split Tiles
• Instructions

Game Details
• Published by Big G Creative – BigGCreative.com
• Plush tossing game
• Ages 6 and up
• 4 – 8 players
• 15 – 20 minute gameplay
• Available at Target January, 2019
• MSRP – $12.99