Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” Coming to Digital February 12

Some Time with Ralph and Vanellope

It was announced today that Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” will be released on digital on February 12 and on DVD Blu-Ray on February 26th. That is great to hear. We have been waiting to find out when we could see the movie again at our local second run theater so that we can have Andrew’s birthday party there. I still do not know when they will be getting the movie. We saw the movie together at Thanksgiving as part of our Thanksgiving tradition. We now go and see a movie before Thanksgiving and it is a lot of fun. This year was Ralph Breaks the Internet and next year I think it will be Frozen 2 which is funny because of the very last bit of the movie…. You’ll have to pick it up on February 12 or 26th to see. More details of the release below.

It was exciting to see the movie because I had seen several behind the scenes looks with the filmmakers and creators of this movie months prior I have a whole bunch of post about that experience that you may enjoy.

You Break It, You Buy It – An Evening with Ralph and Vanellope

Oh My Disney – Three Ralphs Meet The Disney Princesses

Ralph Breaks the Internet Q & A with Rich Moore, Phil Johnston and Clark Spencer
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Work vs. Achievement

Work vs Achievement
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00016

I get inspired by things that I hear from people and the other day during my Krav Maga class I heard a story about some Blind Segmented Caterpillars. The caterpillars are able to get around by following each other to food. What the scientist did was place the caterpillars in a line in a circle and in the middle he placed their favorite food. The caterpillars ended up walking around that circle for eight days before they died of starvation. they were working but they were not getting anywhere. There was nothing achieved by their work. I then took that wisdom and applied it to the kids Lunch Notes for the day.