Laser Tag and Fashion Shopping

Space Invaders with Uncle E
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00173

Today was a divide and conquer sort of day. Andrew and I went with Uncle E to a place called Main Event. This location had all sorts of things to do including Laser Take, Pool, and bowling. You get one pass that lets you do everything. We were there mostly to play Laser Tag. We played two sessions almost completely alone but our last time was with a large group. I only fell short of winning the whole thing by 200 points.

Laser Tag with Uncle E

On top of the laser tag there were also tons of video games. Andrew and Uncle E played the giant space invaders game and had a lot of fun. We all played Arctic Thunder and I did so well I even got a couple of free games out of my plays.

The Ropes Course - no Fear

Above the video games there was a ropes course. This was also included in our pass. Andrew wanted to go up and so he and I made our way up to the course. I went across one thing on the course, Andrew nearly did the entire course in the time it took me to cross one. He got scared at one point but Uncle E talked to him from below. That got him going again, which is good because my feet were rooted to the spot.

When we left we went to Joella’s for some Hot Chicken. It was good but by no means very hot at all. I got the step below inferno, too.

Eva on shopping trip

While the boys went off to play the girls went shopping. Eva has been playing fashion model all week. She has tried on almost every pair of my sister’s shoes and starte don the dresses.

Andrew at Citizen Seven

For dinner we went to Citizen Seven and it was excellent. They make some delicious tacos and good drinks. They even have this very cool wall of little plastic action figures that are all painted red, white or blue to make a huge sign on the wall. It looked so cool.

That night we watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in the basement with everyone. We picked that one because my sister went to school with Phil Lord and Chris Miller. she got a real kick out of watching them on the behind the scenes featurettes. The excitement of the past few days proved too much for Andrew because he passed out hard on the couch and ended up sleeping there the rest of the night.