Discovering Hot Wheels Blind Bags

hot wheels blind bags
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00194

I’ve passed by these Hot Wheels blind bags so many times in the past and the funny thing is that I love Hot Wheels cars. These are some of the only Blind Bag toys out there that I’ve found that are not overpriced. You can still get a Hot Wheels car for under a dollar. The price point for this toy is $0.94 which is the same it costs for a Hot Wheels car in the package. But with this you also get a sticker of the car!!

The thing is, these blind bags are not truly blind. There is a little clear “window” where you can see which car it is that you have. That way you can basically make sure that you do not get any doubles. While this does take a bit of fun out of the whole blind bag concept it does keep parents from having to buy double cars.

I’m thinking I should do a video on these. Like a massive 100 car pileup. I don’t even know if there are 100 out yet. Might be fun.