Science School Field Trip Day

At Woods Hole Harbor
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00219

The kids had field trips for Science School today and both Allison and I chaperoned them. Allison took Eva on her field trip to a giant rock in the woods, she did Geology this session. Meanwhile I took Andrew and Evie and the assistant for Andrew’s Class, Cassidy, to a marsh. It was a very high tide at the Marsh and we found it to be a bit of a challenge. I was happy enough to wade through the knee high water through sea pickle beds and muck. the kids weren’t so thrilled. at least Andrew wasn’t. The sea pickles and marsh grass tended to tickle your legs. It is not that pleasant a feeling. But we got through it.

Goofing around with glasses

We stuck around Woods Hole because today was open house. Allison, Eva, Andrew and I walked around the town, got some ice cream, checked out some shops and then went back to meet the kids’ teachers at the school.

I was impressed with Andrew’s teacher, he had actually been Tara’s assistant in previous years. He had a great way with the kids and was always enthusiastic with anything that they brought to him on the field trip. Eva’s teacher, Corey, was also very enthusiastic and Eva enjoyed his teaching. We weren’t quite sure how Geology would pan out for her but she got a lot out of it and is even able to identify many rocks now.

After the Open house we came back home and the kids went to the pre-swim meet poster party on the beach. We got there late and there was no more food so I picked up a pizza and we had a later dinner.