Annual Dinner at The Flying Bridge 2019

Kids with the Island Queen
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00220

We started the morning with a water balloon fight. Andrew has been asking for that ever since they got down three weeks ago. Shelby brought over some and we had some and in the end I filled well over 500 water balloons. We also pulled out the squirt guns and it was a big water fight. We had a lot of fun.

Since we were already wet I puled out the bubbles that I got from Zing. The Wave-A-bubbles, Big-a-Bubbles and Glove-A-Bubbles. The kids had fun making all sorts of bubbles. I don’t think I got that great a footage from them playing but we shall see. the biggest flaw in those toys is the container for the bubbles. While everything is self contained the container for the bubble solution. We need to get out some cookies sheets and fill them with the solution instead. Next time.

We did the beach and swimming lessons and then the kids went to their last day of Science School. We did not have to drive today so we just hung out while the kids were gone.

When they returned we got ready for our annual dinner at the Flying Bridge. Tonight was actually the fifth time that we went there for dinner. It was Mom, Dad, Allison, Me and the kids, Auntie Tara, Auntie Shelby and the cousins. We were smart this year and took many of the family photos by the water before our meal. There were some after the meal but the bulk of them before.

Our meal was excellent. Allison and I split our usual, the Fisherman’s Platter. We also each got cups of Chowder. The meal finished with all the kids getting bowls of ice cream. And then we tried doing photos again. The second time was not as smooth but I did manage to get the photo above as the Island Queen glided by. It was a very nice night to spend with the family.