The Kids’ First Falmouth Beaches Swim Meet

Swim Meet
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On the last day on the Cape we had the kids Swim Meet. Each year the Falmouth Beaches hosts a swim meet that pits all beaches against each other. They have broken things down into Small Beaches and Large Beaches. That way the competition is more fair. I participated way back when I was a kid and my Dad still has one of the T-shirts from those years. He wore it to the meet today.

Dad with the kids
My dad sporting the Falmouth heights Swim Meet Shirt from 1988 with his grandchildren who all participated and did well this year.

This was Andrew and Eva’s first time in the competition. We (Allison, Eva, Andrew and I) aren’t a very competitive family (unless you count Monopoly and then it gets viciously competitive) but still Eva felt a lot of pressure. This is very internal because neither Allison nor I put any amount of pressure on her to perform in these sort of things. Eva was nervous mostly because she did not know how the meet would work. She also like to swim the way she swims and having to swim in a competition is much different. However, we encouraged her to just have a good time and enjoy herself. That is all we want from her.

Andrew was far less nervous and he did a very nice job in his events. He came in Second and Sixth in the events that he swam in which included freestyle (2nd) and Backstroke (6th). Eva did Freestlye (4th) and Freestlye Relay (4th) She got to go first for her team which made her nervous and she did give the team a very good position. That, however did not last. But, it is about the experience and the fun. Our beach came in second overall and that is not too shabby.

We celebrated with some ice cream for dinner and then drove home and got dinner at Park Street ale House before heading home.

I did want to also mention that this morning Dad, Andrew and I went kayaking over on Great Pond. I took Andrew in the double and Dad took my kayak. We paddled around for about and hour and had a very nice time.

Andrew Paddling theKayak
Andrew Paddling the Kayak on Great Pond