Ice Cream for Dinner at Sundaes

Ice Cream for Dinner
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00226

While Eva is away on her own private vacation time with her Auntie we had to come up with fun things to do with Andrew. He was in camp all week so that took care of most of the time with him but when he was finished with camp and it wasn’t a karate night we tried to do some special fun things with him and one was getting ice cream for dinner. We picked him up form camp tonight and took him to Sundaes to get some ice cream.

Now, I either got too big an ice cream cone or it was the cheapest thinnest waffle cone ever because I was covered with ice cream before all was said and done. Andrew was cleaner than I was. This has never happened in the history of ever. I maintain a very neat ice cream cone but this one cracked right in the middle halfway through and the soft ice cream was melting and just running down my arms. It was a very uncomfortable feeling for me. I was not a fan.