Snack Table at the ABD Cook Out

Snack table at ABD Cook Out
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00229

Today was the annual ABD (America’s Best Defense) cook out at Colt State Park. I have never been to Colt State Park before but Allison and the kids have for the annual Sheep Shearing Festival. It is a nice place and there are so many camp sites or activity sties all around the park. We got there and there were birthday parties, family reunions and even a wedding. We found the ABD site and sat with some friends said hello to a bunch of people and got some food. There was a ton of food. Allison made blueberry lemon hand pies and they were a huge hit. I was talking to Sensei Howard who told me about them and how good they were. He had had a couple of them.

Even though this was right in the middle of the day and it was hard to sleep for 3 hours, get up and drive for an hour to get there, stay for 2 and drive home to sleep for 3 more before work it was worth attending. Andrew got to see his friends outside of the regular classes. I got to see the people I train with outside of the dojo too. It was nice to see everyone just having a good time. One of our friends brought his drone and was flying it around and all the little kids were chasing after it. I bet he got some great video of that. He even took a big picture of the whole group. I am looking forward to seeing that.