Rainbow after a storm

Rainbow after a storm
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00231

We were planning on heading to our friend’s home tonight to have movie night with them in their back yard. However, a freak late afternoon storm popped up and it down-poured hard. So we had movie night at home but partway through the movie I went out to bring in the trash barrels and saw a full double rainbow over the houses across the street. I got Allison and the kids to come out and take a look. It was a very vibrant rainbow, too. I could not photograph the whole thing at once with the phone. Not wide enough lens.

for Movie night we watched Bumblebee and it was fun. There were some scary parts but Eva loved it and Andrew enjoyed it. I liked being able to share that one movie with them. Maybe We’ll watch the 2007 movie next. They might enjoy that, too. Although, Bumblebee was way more accessible for them than any of he Bay led ones.

Win a Family 4-Pack of Tickets to Granite State Comicon 2019

Granite State Comicon

I am very excited to say that my family will be hosted guests at Granite State Comicon 2019. I have not been to this event since the very first one way back when it started in 2003. The Granite State Comicon was created by two friends of mine from college, brothers Chris and Scott Proulx and their friend Brett Parker. The con has grown and I have wanted to go back for several years now. It just hasn’t worked out. But this year I was asked if I wanted to attend and to help promote the show. I’d certainly do anything to help out these guys. Part of that is running this giveaway and coordinating with other bloggers to put on giveaways of their own.

This year is a big year for TMNT fans. It is the 35th anniversary and there will be a bunch of very special things happening at the con for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles including voice talent from the shows and many artists and even Kevin Eastman! I am thrilled about that!

Both of the kids are going to cosplay at the show. They have each created their own unique characters and on one of the days Eva will go as Luna Lovegood. I cannot wait to see how they do at the show, it is going to be so much fun. If you would like to join us on Sunday please enter to win passes through the Rafflecopter app below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please follow along with our adventure September 14 & 15 at Granitecon. We can’t wait to attend.

More details on Granite State Comicon 2019
Location: DoubleTree by Hilton
700 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101

Website: www.granitecon.com

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Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/granitecon
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Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/granitestatecomicon
Official hashtag: #granitecon2019

Official Charity: Manchester Boys and Girls Club

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