Prince of Corn

Prince of Corn
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00242

Whenever we have corn on the cob there is a challenge to be King of Corn. Not exactly sure the full rules on it because we have never discussed the actual rules. However, I end up being King of Corn the most because I can completely clean off a cob or two. No kernels left behind. Andrew tried very hard tonight but he was granted the title Prince of Corn. Gotta give him something to strive for.

Time to Record

Recording time
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00241

The kids had their last day of school today and while they were gone I was working on a long Fortnite video. I did not notice when they got home and I guess Allison came up to the office while I was recording. I had heard someone knocking softly and called out to them, however I did not hear any answer. I finished up and then Allison came looking for a Command Strip. I thought nothing of it.

After dinner we watched the Live Action Aladdin movie. We had been given that for a review. I received both the Live Action movie and the Classic Animated movie for review. They are both fun movies. I absolutely loved the original and we all enjoyed the live action one. I think that Will Smith really made the role his own and there was much that we liked about it.

When I went upstairs after the movie I noticed that Allison made this sign for me. I will have to make sure to put it up when I am filming in the future. Then she made a sign for the reverse side that says “Playing Video Games” or “Processing Videos”. I am all ready to get filming this coming week. So many videos have to get made.

We also made a bunch of videos together today as well.