King Richard’s Faire 2019

The Kids with Piers the Pickle Man
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00245

We have been guests of the Realm the past seven years. This means that we receive free passes to enter the Faire. Many of those years we attend the opening weekend of King Richard’s Faire and on few occasions we attend Columbus Day weekend. We do this because of my work and sleep schedule. Those Monday trips to King Richard’s Faire are pretty much the only ones we can do as a family unless I take some nights off work. Luckily we’ve been able to go on Labor Day weekend for the past couple of years and that has really worked out. School has just begun and our last big event together before our schedules get crazy is King Richard’s Faire. We have a wonderful time every year and we love seeing all of our old friends. Friends like Piers Pickles the Purveyor of Pickles. I was looking back at our photos because Google Photos recognizes faces and as I look back on the many years we have visited our pickle pal I came across this photo below.

Eva and Andrew with Piers the Pickle Man

This was taken five years ago and man it is adorable. A photo of the kids with Piers is one of the things I try very hard to make sure we do. It doesn’t always happen but when it does it is magical. The kid simply love him. They also love his lovely wife Snow White. Eva chats with the princesses each year and shows them her costume. Now, for many years Eva has worn a princess dress. Now she is making her own costumes and her own character. This year she is Zoe Crystalis, a warrior elf. She still chatted with snow who is always super gracious and wonderful with the kids.

Zoe with Snow and her handmaiden Continue reading King Richard’s Faire 2019