Review: Tall Girl

Tall Girl Movie
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Tonight Andrew went to a Parent’s Night Out Event at the Karate studio. It was a Nerf War night and Andrew had a great time. So, with Andrew out of the house we had Eva alone for the night and we decided that we’d do a special movie night with her. It just so happened that a brand new movie came out on Netflix called Tall Girl and it was a perfect one for a special movie night with Eva.

Tall Girl Poster

Tall Girl is a movie starring Ava Michelle as Jodi. Jodi is the tallest girl in school. This is something that she has been very uncomfortable with. At 16 she longs for something more normal. She is being teased relentlessly by the other students except for her two best friends Jack and Fareeda. She has a loving and supportive family including her father Richie (Steve Zahn and mother Helaine (Angela Kinsey) and her beauty queen older sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter). Her father is over protective and worried about how tall she got so fast. He tries all sorts of things to help her fit in but they just make things worse. Eventually when a foreign exchange student, Stig (Luke Eisner) arrives things get interesting.

Jodi makes a connection with Stig. This does not sit well with her longtime lovesick friend Jack. He has been figuratively carrying a torch for her as long as he’s known her while literally carrying a milk crate. To add insult to injury Stig is staying with Jack as his exchange family. As Stig and Jodi get closer Jack attempts to drive them apart.

I think this was the one thing that didn’t totally sit well with me. Stig seemed like a genuinely nice guy and through Jack’s influence he gets lured by the seductiveness of popularity.

The main point of the movie was to accept and love yourself no matter what you look like. It is a fantastic movie for families and was a pretty wholesome movie. Eva thoroughly enjoyed it. The thing that I liked about it was the relationship between between Jodi and her dad. He tried so hard and was so scared about her happiness. I saw so much of myself in this character. When he finally “gets it” there is one incredible moment between father and daughter that I loved. I think it truly captured the parental struggle to stay connected as your children get older and begin to pull away or they suffer major disappointments. You have to check out this movie. The trailer is below.

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