LEGO Space Sets

LEGO Space Satellite Service
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00265

One of the newest lines for LEGO City is their Space line. I was walking through Target today and this small set jumped out at me because it was discounted to a reasonable price. I picked it up to do a quick build. The set is the Satellite Service set #60224. Less than 100 pieces and was a quick and fun little build. It has been a while since I’ve built anything LEGO related because I no longer do Built from Bricks each week. I have a bunch of Marvel sets that need to be built I may set up some sort of time lapse or live build shows if I can ever get a third camera working again on Streamlabs OBS. I may just have to do a two camera thing but the camera on the laptop itself isn’t my favorite.

You can find some of these sets on and if you pick them up using my Amazon affiliate link you help out the channel.